Real-Time Monitoring and Reminders for Peace of Mind


The iCap comes with a standard medication bottle and is ready to work out of the package. There is little to learn as they fit into your family’s existing medication routines, providing gentle reminders of any missed doses and while providing shared real-time monitoring to caregivers and loved ones for complete peace of mind. 

The iCap automatically records and stores the times when they are opened and seamlessly updates the Medisafe iConnect app. When paired with one or more iCaps, the app keeps track of when doses were taken or missed, providing reminders which help improve adherence to medication dosing instructions and eliminate annoying false alarms, double entries, and unnecessary reminders when pills have already been taken.

The iCap can be moved from one prescription to another by just a click, On-board memory retains history of dosing intervals whenever the iCaps are away from the mobile device they’re paired with, making them portable with batteries that can be easily changed about once a year.

Best of all, there are on-demand reports regarding how you or a loved one are doing taking medications as directed. The Medisafe iConnect app will notify you whenever  a dose is due, with pictures of exactly what and how many meds are to be taken. Optional escalating notifications can be set up to notify others, such as family members, caregivers, pharmacist and even physicians when needed.

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