iCap is the first product in the iConnect family, manufactured by TimerCap LLC, a company that is devoted to bringing simple real-time medication monitoring tools for the whole family. 

Did you forget to take your meds? Be reminded with...

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1 iSort wireless
pill organizer




7-day Planner


  • Works for most standard medications 
  • AM/PM Compartments
  • Holds up to 25 pills a day.
  • Audio Alarms
  • Package includes: One organizer, and our travel vials so you can take your meds on the go!

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1 iCap pill cap &
1 iSort organizer




Best of Both

  • Works for most standard medications 
  • AM/PM Compartments
  • Holds up to 25 pills a day.
  • Audio Alarms
  • Can be color-coded for easy identification
  • Package includes: One organizer, one standard sized vial, one large vial, and our travel vials so you can take your meds on the go!

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The iCap comes in a variety of colored tops for medication identification and includes a standard bottle

How it works

The Application

iCap and iSort are bundled with Medisafe, rated the #1 app by pharmacists to help you take your meds.

  • 3.5 million downloads & 100K+ app store ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Available for Android, iPhone, Apple Watch
  • Sends Reminders, Logs doses, Delivers coupons and content
  • Caregiver support

1. Get Reminded

3. Keep Track


2. Take your medication

iConnect retains a record and tracks your progress

iConnect records which med you took and the time

iConnect alerts you when it's time for your next dose

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Medisafe iConnect?

Our product combines the power of two proven adherence solutions: the Medisafe medication reminder app which has shown significant increases in medication adherence and the TimerCap which has proven to lift medication adherence by more than 33%. With Medisafe iConnect you get both the application that reminds you, plus the added bonus of having a smart pill cap that talks to the application.

2. What's the iCap?

: The iCap is a Bluetooth-enabled pill bottle cap that has red, yellow, and green LED’s on the cap to inform patients of their medication status. The cap comes with a standard bottle the same size as most medicine bottles but limits you to only one medication per cap and bottle.

3. I take two pills a day.

The iCap is a great solution for patients taking opioids or other "take as needed" medication. The iCap is also for patints taking daily or complicated medication regimens on different schedules they want to track and be reminded when they miss a dose. By putting each medication in their own vial with an iCap on top, patients and caregivers can easily keep individual track of critical medications.

4. It looks like a regular cap, what makes it special?

The iCap has been designed to incorporate sophisticated technology and yet to look and feel like the common pill cap (other that it’s blue with blinking lights) we use every day. There are no buttons to press, no learning curve to overcome, and no need to follow any time consuming instructions. Simply download the Medisafe application, connect your iCaps to your application, set your schedules, and you’re all set. Simple and effective.

5. Is it easy to set up? I’m not very tech-savvy?

Yes it is, the iCap has been designed to look and feel like the common pill cap we use everyday. There are no cords or plugs to hassle with. With no buttons to press, there’s no learning curve to overcome or need to change your routine. These revolutionary tools use standard replaceable batteries that last up to a year between battery changes

6. Do I have to pay a monthly app subscription like others I’ve seen?

No. The Medisafe app is always free to patients.

7. Ok I’m ready. What exactly comes in the box?

The iCap -Two Pack come ready to work right out of the package and includes two (2) iCaps with replaceable coin cell battery, two (2) standard 2 oz. pharmacy bottles, a simple instruction sheet and a link to download the Medisafe iConnect.

8. Is my data private?

Absolutely. Medisafe iConnect is HIPAA compliant and has won recognition for its ISO 27001 corporate security levels. Your data is safe.

9. Can my caregivers or doctor see my progress?

Yes, you can choose to connect your caregiver or doctor on the Medisafe iConnect app so that they have the ability to see real-time reports on when and if you’re taking you’re taking your medication. Alternatively, you can email your report to your caregivers or doctor directly from the report screen on the application.

10. Along with taking meds, I keep a journal of other data, such as my glucose levels. Can Medisafe iConnect help me with that?

Yes, the Medisafe iConnect app can help you keep track of almost two dozen measurements, including blood glucose, weight and women’s reproductive health.

11. Does it work on iPhone and Android devices?

Yes. You can freely download the Medisafe iConnect app to use on either your favorite iPhone or Bluetooth enabled Android device.

How it worksHow it works

Email Reminders

Medication Reports

Relevant Reminders

Text Message Reminders

LED Alerts

Audio Alarms

Easy Connect Bluetooth

iCap 2 Pack     Includes: 2-iCaps,   2-Standard bottles,  2-batteries,  & Medisafe iConnect App.
iCap 2 Pack Includes: 2-iCaps, 2-Standard bottles, 2-batteries, & Medisafe iConnect App.
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